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At A Life in a Day we are patient obsessed. We believe that by understanding and recognising the physical, social and emotional needs of patients, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals can put these at the centre of clinical, corporate and commercial strategies. This will allow you to achieve greater patient-centric working and more meaningful engagement with your peers, clients, and patients themselves.

Our immersive experiences allow you to step into a patient’s shoes, providing valuable insight into the daily challenges and choices patients face.


A Life in a Day was created in 2015 out of a belief that the best healthcare is when patients are put at its heart. Understanding what life is like for people with chronic conditions is vital so they can receive care and support tailored to their needs.

A Life in a Day uses theatre techniques to elicit empathy from participants and its experiences are developed hand-in-hand with patients and healthcare professionals for accuracy. They are designed to be completed during a typical working day to reflect the reality of living with a chronic health condition and the choices people make during the day-long simulation determines what happens next, just like in real life.



Huma Therapeutics is a global digital health company headquartered in the UK that advances digital-first care delivery and research to help people live longer, fuller lives. Huma’s award-winning modular platforms are used by more than 3,000 hospitals and clinics, with 1.8 million active users.



For our clients to offer genuine health benefits that help people live better with their condition, it is fundamental that the patient voice is heard at all stages of the drug lifecycle.

At Origins, we provide end-to-end patient strategies, insights, data and solutions that support our clients to increase patient-centricity by transforming their thinking, redefining their success and ultimately improving patients’ lives.

As a pioneering patient-centricity agency, we are shaping the way the pharmaceutical industry learns from and engages with patients and caregivers.

The Origins team is a dedicated, passionate group of people whose expertise and varied backgrounds give our programmes the individuality and personal touches they deserve.


Richmond Pharmacology is a dedicated clinical research organisation based in the heart of London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2001, Richmond Pharmacology delivers clinical excellence from design to delivery of early to late phase clinical trials, going from strength to strength in a fiercely competitive market place. Our current research facility is the fourth clinical research unit we will have designed and operated, and its blueprint is the result of over 20 years expertise in running clinical research. It combines the long-standing tradition of the site with our working practices to match the needs and expectations of innovative sponsors.

As a research organisation run by healthcare professionals, Richmond Pharmacology makes a meaningful contribution towards bringing new medicines to market. We interact with healthy research volunteers, patients, clinical and academic specialists in their respective fields, to ensure our research meets the highest regulatory, scientific, quality and ethical standards. We are personable, flexible, adaptive to change to meet clients’ expectations and transparent in the process.

Our accreditation by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) provides assurance to all our stakeholders that they are working with a credible organisation that conforms to only the highest of clinical and regulatory standards.

We have experience that is held by our founders and long serving management team and are reputed for our customer focus, flexible approach and strong project management. To date we have conducted over 500 Early Phase Studies.



YourBio Health eliminates barriers to blood collection by allowing a patient blood sample to be collected from any location without the pain of a fingerprick or need for traditional phlebotomy.  We enable the decentralisation of clinical trials and access to companies who offer wellness testing for consumers with the innovative TAP II Blood Collection Device.  It is virtually painless, easy-to-use and enables the collection of a blood specimen from any setting – clinical or in-home. Backed by the latest science, data management technology, and certified central laboratories, we guarantee best-in-class test results.